One to One FemaleCare

Midwives are trained to handle emergencies, focusing more on lower risk manual skills than technological ones, but some women and babies will need treatment–like surgery–that midwives don’t provide directly, but refer out to the appropriate specialist.  This is where obstetrics comes in to complement and overlap.


Both professions are absolutely necessary, and the best scenario for families is one where midwives and obstetricians collaborate seamlessly, as a team. Women and babies benefit from top-notch prenatal care and the best chance of a healthy, uncomplicated birth, with the safety net of a specialized surgeon for the rare but real complications that may arise.


This is why Avalon Midwives is partnered with One to One FemaleCare, located across from Morristown Medical Center. David A. Garfinkel, MD, FACOG, founder of One to One FemaleCare along with his team of doctors work seamlessly with Avalon Midwives when unexpected complications occur and the need for obstetrics arises.