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Our Birthing Center was created to offer New Jersey families an alternative to natural childbirth. They combined the comfort and privacy of a home-birth with the safety and security of a hospital birth. Our Birthing Center empowers women to create the birth experience they desire in a safe and warm environment. Our Birthing Center delivers care in a home-like setting where trained practitioners will provide family-centered care to healthy pregnant women.

Our Birthing Center is a proud partner of Avalon Midwives & Avalon Wellness Center, both located in the same building as Our Birthing Center, creating a one-stop-shop for everything pregnancy, birth and baby. Donna Roosa, CNM, Co-Founder of Avalon Midwives & Avalon Wellness Center has been named the Clinical Director of Our Birthing Center.  The educational arm, Avalon Wellness Center works with North Jersey's premier childbirth educators, doulas and lactation consultants to educate, support and empower families on their pregnancy, birth and baby journey.   

Our Birthing Center Midwives, Nurses & Doulas have all been trained in the Our Birthing Center Model of Birthing. Our practitioners subscribe to the "wellness" model of birth, which means they provide continuous, supportive care; free of interventions unless medically necessary.

Our Birthing Center puts the mother in the driver’s seat, giving her the right to decide the circumstances of HER birth. For example, at Our Birthing Center women are encouraged to eat

if they are hungry, move about and spend time in a tub or shower as they wish, and deliver their babies in whatever position they find most comfortable. Our Birthing Center is a professionally run medical facility. They are regulated by the State and are being accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC). Our Birthing Center accepts most major insurance plans and works diligently to ensure their families receive the same coverage they would in a hospital. 

Our Birthing Center is privately owned and operated. With three luxurious birthing suites, that include spa like showers, birthing tubs, queen beds, WiFi, essential oil diffusers, private air control & blue tooth speakers in each suite, there is a level of comfort they aim to provide. We also have a comfortable and large family room that all are welcome in, families decide who is invited to their births. 


Our Birthing Center offers tours weekly and open houses monthly. Come see for yourself why

why they are the premier choice for women seeking an intervention free birth.

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What People Are Saying

"After having birthed in a hospital and at home, I was very happy to experience the best of both worlds with the birthing center. I was able to deliver in the spacious tub and enjoy immediate skin to skin with my baby without interruption.  Avalon midwives respected all my wishes and treated me with tenderness and compassion. The birthing center staff was focused and the facility was much more private and comfortable than a hospital. I would recommend Our Birthing Center to anyone looking for an alternative to the hospital."- Vanessa W.


“Labor at the birth center felt like we were in the comfort of our home. We felt incredibly supported and guided, and I felt free to listen to my body. The Avalon Midwives and birthing center nurses really empowered me through the difficult transition phase and enabled me to birth with my body's natural surges.  We can't stop telling people about our tremendously beautiful experience!" -Sandra M.

"My birth experience at Our Birthing Center was beyond my expectations! It was serene, peaceful and relaxed. I felt very supported and in no way rushed.  I was able to let my labor naturally progress, step by step, allowing me to stay in the moment.  The Avalon Midwives and nursing staff were great! I felt my choices were respected and that everything went smoothly.  We feel so blessed to have been given this birth option for our daughter's amazing birth!" - Andria R.

"Our birth at OBC was an incredible experience. We were able to bring our daughter into this world in the most peaceful and supportive environment. We are so happy we made the decision to go with Our Birthing Center and feel so lucky to have had such an amazing facility and the Avalon Midwives so close to our home." -Tara L