Preconception and Infertility Counseling


The goal of preconception care is to facilitate the efforts of a woman to be healthy before

she becomespregnant. A healthy woman has a greater probability of having a healthy baby.

The dedication of midwives to health promotion, education, and preventive care makes midwives

ideal providers of preconception care.


Preconception Care involves the identification of factors that can affect the woman's health and

ability to carry a healthy baby. Some of the factors that may be assessed are:

  • Medical illnesses

  • Dental care

  • Need for immunizations/vaccines

  • Need for infectious disease screening

  • Nutritional assessment /counseling

  • Identification of use of tobacco/alcohol/prescription and over-the-counter medications

  • Assessment of psychological readiness, lifestyle and stress reduction

  • Discussion of workplace/environmental hazards

  • Need for genetic screening based on race, ethnicity or family history

Other issues that may be addressed include discontinuation of contraceptive methods, menstrual cycles and the timing of conception, and the use of prenatal vitamins and their importance. Recommendations for positive health behaviors and lifestyle changes, as well as referrals to specialists as needed, will help to promote health and well being which will have

a beneficial impact on the pregnancy.