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I need to tell everyone how amazing the Avalon Midwives are. 6 days ago, I delivered my second child, a son, with the midwives. He surprised us all at a whopping 10lb 5oz which he was delivered via a natural, medication free birth. Due to his size, there were a few moments during delivery that got very intense and where quick decisions needed to be made for both my health and that of my son. I am still in shock at how truly incredible the midwife team is and how they were able to deliver my son quickly and without unnecessary intervention. I honestly believe this could not have been done by many other healthcare professionals. I am now holding my healthy, (big!) boy and have minimal physical recovery (no episiotomy!). Thank you so much to the midwives, especially Kim and Donna who acted quickly and smartly. I will never forget it.



My husband and I welcomed our VBAC baby girl several days ago. I could not be happier with the care I received with Avalon Midwives. I switched providers late in my pregnancy and was very impressed with the time taken to discuss questions, concerns, and my birth plan by each midwife. I felt confident I was in good hands. My labor was managed in a way that gave me the best chance to achieve a VBAC - something I was passionate about trying to do. Even when several bumps arose along the way, the midwives came up with alternate ideas to allow me to continue laboring and provided me with the confidence and support I needed. They worked seamlessly with their back up OB practice (who are also awesome) and the nurses on staff. I will forever be grateful to Avalon for the care my baby and I received and for a healing VBAC birth. 


I highly recommend Avalon midwives!!!! I absolutely loved my prenatal visits and birth experience. I traveled 50 minutes out of my way and it was so worth it! First of all, they have super convenient office hours, which was perfect for me since I commute from the city. All of the midwives are knowledgeable and friendly. I gave birth 8 weeks ago and I still think about the delivery experience and skin to skin contact. I was very close to having a water birth but had to be pulled out of the tub in the final moments because of the baby's heart rate. All was well. This is my 3rd baby and most likely my last. I would without hesitation use Avalon MIdwives if I should ever decide to go for #4.


Donna and Grace, I just want to thank you both for such a positive birthing experience. Grace, your calming demeanor made me feel safe and protected. Donna, you always manage to lighten up the mood and it helped me not to stress. Thanks again!

Avalon is by far the most amazing group of women I ever met. They are all so nice. The midwives as well as the office staff are all so friendly. I have delivered my 2 babies with them all natural and they were very supportive of all decisions my husband and I made. I hope to have another baby and I look forward to using them again. I recommend Avalon to everyone I know when we speak of childbirth. Thank you for all that you do to bring babies safely into the world!!


I switched to Avalon when I was 25 weeks pregnant because I was not crazy about

my previous Obgyn and I got a great referral from a friend. During my visits I met with Lisa, Grace, Joann, and Donna. They were all thorough in answering any questions and

I never felt rushed. I also took a class that they offered which I felt was informative and helpful. My husband and I welcomed our baby Emmalee on 12/30. Donna was the 

midwife on call. She checked on me as needed from the time I was admitted to the hospital until she was totally by my side when thing became more progressed. My birth plan was respected 100%. I did end up needing a unplanned C-section due to my baby's position and her not dropping enough. Dr Garfinkel and Donna were both wonderful. I knew I was in good hands and my husband and support person both thought they were great as well. During my stay at the hospital Joann and Grace also checked in on us. They were all a pleasure during a overwhelming time and I look forward to continuing my future care with Avalon.



I finally had the water birth I've been wanting for years. Kim Kirby made it possible for me to achieve my goal. She is an exceptional midwife. She stayed with me through my labor, she let me take control of my birth encouraging me every step of the way. My experience with Avalon from the beginning was always positive. All the midwives were sweet, supportive, and knowledgeable. I only went to one office and had the pleasure of seeing Madeline the receptionist at my visits. I switched from my OB\GYN where I live to be a part of Avalon at 20 weeks. Avalon is almost an hour from my home. All I can say is I made the right choice it was well worth it.




Thank you Avalon for the best birthing experience! From the minute I found out I was pregnant until I gave birth , and even today, I felt like they were with me every step of the way! All of my prenatal appointments were great and my labor experience was so much better than I ever expected! I felt each midwife I met with was warm and caring and they always went above and beyond to accommodate me whenever needed. When it came time to delivering, Kim was with me the ENTIRE time. She never left my side and explained every step and process and gave me opinions and options and made me feel like whatever my choices were she was 100% there for me! I would recommend her as well as the entire staff of Avalon anytime, and already have. 


Nyc G.


I LOVE Avalon! I just had my baby this week and cannot get over the professionalism and care that was provided to my wife and I for my pregnancy and delivery. I love each and every midwife I met at Avalon and I would be honored to have any of them at my delivery, but when I went into labor Lisa Millstein was on call and later Donna Roosa. Lisa managed my early labor wonderfully and was thorough, compassionate, and patient. Donna was the midwife who ultimately delivered me and she was beyond INCREDIBLE. Donna is such a kind, compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, competent provider. Her many years of experience show in her management of labor. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if it weren't for Donna and her incredible team, I

would have ended up with a c/s. Instead I was able to have my dream of a vaginal delivery come true against several odds. If I have another child, I wouldn't choose to go anywhere else for my care.  Thank you Donna and Avalon midwives! 


Diana D.


Extremely satisfied with my experience. At 32 weeks I switched from a set of Valley practictioners to Avalon primarily so I could give birth at Morristown as I was hoping for a water birth. Anyone debating on choosing midwives vs doctors as I was, midwives are the way to go without a doubt. They actually spend time with you and go over all your questions, concerns, needs. I was happy with all services received from the receptionist, the midwives, recommendations, procedures, etc. Kim was on call when I went into labor and delivered and I could not have asked for a better professional by my side. She is knowledgeable, personable, funny, down to earth, and gives you sincere, honest, educated information and options the whole way through. I also loved having the midwives visit me each day in the hospital. If I have another, I'll definitely choose Avalon again. The practice is 50 minutes from me but it's worth it. As an added bonus there's a Carvels down the street. Thanks Avalon for making a nerve racking experience as pleasant as could be!


Anna J.


Birthing at OBC for our first child was a true dream. The supportive Staff, including Lisa and Donna from Avalon Midwives and nurses Iris and Beth were absolutely amazing. Throughout our entire labor they followed our birth preferences and our lead on how to birth our baby, checking in along the way to see if anything had changed. We used all the elements OBC offered, including their sound system, shower, birthing bath, and cozy bed. I used all of these comfort measures, plus the support of my husband and doula, to  remain calm throughout the entire process. It was like birthing in a spa! Even when things got intense, I was able to remain at ease because of these supportive women and services, knowing that I would be in good hands should anything go awry. The moments after our baby arrived were indescribably beautiful, and our family was able to focus on our baby without interruption while I recovered. I truly recommend using the birth center, whether it's your first or not! We will never forget the love and encouragement shown to us on our birthing day, and I hope to return to OBC again!